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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Aelmara is Romanda Cassin's maid. She has served Romanda for many years, even before Romanda went into retirement. She also once helped Romanda escape Far Madding after a slight misunderstanding (about what, we are not told) a short time after her retirement.

Romanda thinks to herself that Salita, with whom she and Magla share a tent, seems to think that Aelmara is as much in her service as Romanda's. Romanda, however, would never require Aelmara to look after another sister.

Before Nisao enters Romanda's tent to talk about the murder of Anaiya and Kairen, Romanda is reading a romance novel, which she shoves under the cushion of her seat and later lets fall to the floor beneath the table so that Nisao will not see that she was reading it. When Theodrin tells Romanda that Lelaine has called a sitting of the Hall and all three of them leave the tent, Romanda thinks to herself that Aelmara will replace the book in appropriate chest; there are only two keys to the lock on the chest, one that Romanda keeps and one that Aelmara keeps.

The walk to the sitting of the Hall is very muddy; Romanda thinks to herself that Aelmara will have a time cleaning her shoes and her petticoats.

(Reference: Knife of Dreams, Chapter 23)