Amadician Character List

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Aeman Senhold: A nobleman. He fought during the Aiel War.

Ailron: The King of Amadicia, though in truth, he was controlled by the Whitecloaks. He was killed by the Seanchan.

Altalin: A noblewoman.

Alvon: A woodcutter. His son is Theril. He is captured by the Shaido and made gai’shain. He swears fealty to Faile.

Amellia Arene: A Darkfriend from Amador. She is the wife of Jorin Arene.

Aravine Carnel: Either a nobleman or a wealthy woman from Amadicia. She is captured by the Shaido and made gai’shain. She swears fealty to Faile. She serves as Perrin's camp steward and acxts as liaison between the various factions that comprise his army. She betrays Faile and tries to steal the Horn of Valere to take it to Demandred, but is killed

Avi Shendar: A man from Mardecin.

Evon: A man from Amador. He works as a cook for Jorin and Amellia Arene.

Jorin Arene: A merchant and a Darkfriend from Amador. He is married to Amellia Arene.

Laurain: A noblewoman.

Luci: A woman from Mardecin. She works as Ronde Macura’s assistant.

Marande Algoran: A noblewoman.

Marewin: A noblewoman.

Mistress Alfara: A woman from Bellon. She owns the Bellon Ford inn.

Mistress Jharen: A woman from Sienda. She owns The Light of Truth inn.

Mistress Shendar: A woman from Mardecin. She is the wife of Avi Shendar.

Noy Torvald: A man from Mardecin.

Ronde Macura: A woman from Mardecin who works as one of the Yellow Ajah’s eyes-and-ears. She drugs Elayne and Nynaeve and attempts to send them back to the White Tower, but is unsuccessful. She later swears fealty to the Seanchan.

Sebban Balwer: The secretary and secret spymaster for Pedron Niall. He helps Morgase and company escape from Amadicia and currently works for Perrin.

Sim: A man from Sienda. He owns The King’s Lancer inn.

Theril: The son of Alvon. He is captured by the Shaido and made gai’shain. He swears fealty to Faile.

Therin Lugay: A man from Mardecin.

Widow Teran: A woman from Mardecin.