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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from AMoL, Prologue.


Bayrd is an Andoran soldier in Jarid Sarand's personal guard. His family has followed House Sarand for generations. He comes from a family of stoneworkers, though his father was a butcher. Bayrd's grandfather taught him how to work stones. He makes a spearhead for himself and agrees to make more for his companions.

Bayrd is concerned that Jarid has been getting less rational, blaming their loss of supplies and the effects of a Bubble of Evil, which turned all the metal in the camp into soft lumps, on the Aes Sedai and especially Elayne. However, Bayrd is willing to stay with Jarid. When Jarid threatened to rip out Eri's tongue and Eri left the camp, Bayrd realised he had to do so as well. He organised the remaining guards, Morear and Rosse, to tie Jarid to a tree so they could leave to fight in the Last Battle.

He takes his name from Baryd al'Syeen, a member of TarValon.Net who won the naming competition.


"You shouldn’t have stood in the way. Everyone seems to know what is coming but you. The Dragon is reborn, old bonds are broken, old oaths done away with...and I’ll be hanged before I let Andor march to the Last Battle without me." (Bayrd to Jarid; AMoL, Prologue)

"I have an oath older than the one to your family, anyway. An oath the Dragon himself couldn't undo. It was an oath to the land. The stones were in his blood, and his blood in the stones of this Andor." (Bayrd thinking; AMoL, Prologue)