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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Calindin is an Accepted. She was taken to Salidar when the Tower split (LoC, Ch. 14).

She wears her black hair in the Taraboner style, in thin beaded braids (LoC, Ch. 14).

Calindin was raised to the ring in roughly 989 NE and is still not ready to test for the shawl. She struggles for every scrap she learns (LoC, Ch. 14).

Calindin was in Salidar when a bubble of evil erupted. She joined the circle led by Anaiya to help restore order and repair damage. Unlike Nynaeve, she had no trouble linking. Calindin also linked with Anaiya to help with the Healing (LoC, Ch. 14).

Elayne asked Calindin to teach one of her novice classes so that she could talk to Thom and Juilin (LoC, Ch. 29).