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Author: Leora Oldessroth


Caralin is a slim, older woman from Andor; she runs Gareth Bryne's country manor in Kore Springs and makes sure that he is dressed in the latest fashion.

After Gareth Bryne and Morgase's falling out, he returns to his country home where Caralin keeps throwing pretty girls at him in the hopes that one will make him forget his troubles.

She is present when Min, Siuan, and Leane are tried for trespass, arson, and killing Admer Nem's cows. She pays Admer Nem the money he is owed for his property and Gareth tells her to take charge of the women and put them to work at his estate. Caralin is disappointed that Leane escapes as she had thought Leane might be able to get into Gareth Bryne's bed. Caralin tells Gareth Bryne she thinks Leane should serve as his bedchamber maid when she is caught and returned.

(Reference: The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 1)