Cowin Gemallan

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Cowin Gemallan, also called Cowin Fairheart, was one of the Great Lords of Malkier and a Darkfriend.

He was a hero almost as well loved as al'Akir or his brother Lain, and his adventures in the Blight were sung throughout the Borderlands.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 47)


  • When the Great Lords cast the rods for king, only two men would have had to lay his color on the Crowning Stone and he would have been raised to the throne instead of Akir.
  • After Lain Mandragoran's death, Breyan, Lain's wife, started plotting with Gemallan to take the throne for her son Isam.
  • They both stripped the Borderforts of soldiers to seize the Seven Towers, giving the huge hordes of Trollocs a great opportunity to pour into Malkier.
  • When his treachery was revealed, he was captured by Jain Farstrider and brought to the Seven Towers in chains. The Great Lords called for his head on a pike, but al'Akir slew him one on one.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 47)


"The Great Lords called for his head on a pike. But because he had been second only to al'Akir and Lain in the hearts of the people, the King faced him in single combat and slew him. Al'Akir wept when he killed Cowin. Some say he wept for a friend who had given himself to the Shadow, and some say for Malkier." (Agelmar Jagad about Cowin and al'Akir; The Eye of the World, Chapter 47)