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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Essonde is a der'sul'dam in charge of the sul'dam and damane in the Tarasin Palace. She is wide and gray-haired (WH, Ch. 31).

After their inspection duty, Bethamin hands over her reports for Renna to take to Essonde (WH, Ch. 20).

When Mat and Egeanin are about to smuggle out the captured Aes Sedai, Essonde comes up to Egeanin to advise her to take another damane, because Teslyn is not fully trained yet (WH, Ch. 31).


"I merely pointed out that Tessi is not really trained. I actually came up to look in on her. She is coming along very nicely, now, my Lady, but..." (Essonde to Egeanin; Winter's Heart, Chapter 31)