Evard Cordwyn

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Author: Toral Delvar


Evard Cordwyn is an Andoran mercenary that Elayne hires to defend Caemlyn. He is tall and square jawed and wears a ruby in his left ear (KoD, Ch. 16). During a meeting, Elayne feels that he seems a little drunk and is slurring his words (KoD, Ch. 16).


  • The three ask for and are refused compensation for their losses (KoD, Ch. 16).
  • He fondles a maid during the interview and is told if it happens again, he will be put out of the city without sword, horse or boots (KoD, Ch. 16).
  • He dies during the assault on Caemlyn. He must have changed sides as Elayne thinks it is only his death that prevented him going to the gallows (KoD, Ch. 35).