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Author: Toral Delvar


Jhoradin was an Aiel man, one of the Mera'din who joined the Shaido. He formed an attachment to Lacile. He was planning to leave the Shaido and return to the Waste, hoping to persuade her to go with him (KoD, Ch. 5), but he was killed when Perrin rescued everyone. Lacile killed him by stabbing him in the back when he jumped in front of her to protect her (TGS, Ch. 21). He was blue eyed with red-gold hair and was almost pretty. For an Aiel, he was squat, not as tall as Perrin, but half as wide again (TPoD, Ch. 30).


He forms a strong attachment to Lacile, who seems to feel something for him. He intends to take her back to the Waste, believing he can convince her to make a bridal wreath (KoD, Ch. 5). When Faile, Alliandre, Maighdin, Arrela and Lacile escape from the collapsed building in Malden, Faile thinks to herself that Lacile, smiling at Jhoradin, is preparing her way back into his blankets in case they don't escape, but then adds that, "at least, [she] thought that was what she was doing." When Jhoradin is killed, Lacile seems to be truly grieving (KoD, Ch. 30). She later burns a piece of silk as part of a remembrance ceremony (TGS, Ch. 21).


"'Jhoradin thinks he will take Lacile Aldorwin back to the Three-fold Land with him even if she is a Treekiller. He believes he may convince her to make a bridal wreath to lay at his feet.' Lacile had found her own protector by climbing into the blankets of the Mera'din who had made her gai'shain, and Arrela had done the same with one of the Maidens who had captured her, but Faile doubted that Jhoradin would attain his wish. Both women were focused on escape like arrows aimed at a target." (Rolan and Faile; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 5)