Marli Noichin

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

All information comes from Winter's Heart, Chapter 8


Marli is a Seanchan woman who used to be a sul'dam. She was captured by Rand's forces when they attacked the Seanchan. Rand gave Taim the captured sul'dam and damane to look after and then Taim sent them to Elayne in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn.

Reanne and the Kinswomen were given the task of trying to make the captured sul'dam accept that they could channel. Despite their work, Marli still denies it; she also denies being able to see the flows of saidar that the Kinswomen use.

Marli is plump and has dark eyes.


  • 1000 NE: Rand's forces capture Marli.
  • 1000 NE: Marli is sent to Caemlyn.
  • 1000 NE: Reanne and Alise try to convince Marli that she can channel.
  • 1000 NE: Marli admits seeing weaves and insists she should be collared. Elayne decides to send her back to the Seanchan


  • Marli is on the brink of being able to channel.
  • Marli tied to attack Alise, a Kinswoman, but Alise set her very straight on that.


"Across from her sat a plump woman in plain brown wool, her face set in stubborn defiance and her dark eyes locked on Reanne, avoiding the silvery segmented a'dam lying like a snake between them on the table." (Elayne about Marli and Reanne)

"They all weep if they are made to look at weaves very long, Elayne... But once the weaves are gone, they convince themselves we tricked them. They have to, you understand. Else they'd be damane, not sul'dam." (Reanne to Elayne about Marli and the other sul'dam.)