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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Ravashi of House Paendrag was a member of the Imperial family of Seanchan and Tuon's elder sister (KoD, Ch. 11). She was the Empress Radhanan's first daughter (TGH, Ch. 34).

She always believed she should have been named heir to the Crystal Throne just because she was born first. When Mat tells Tuon about the army sent to kill her, "an imposter," Tuon considers the possibility of Ravashi using Tuon's disappearance as opportunity to plant rumors (KoD, Ch. 11).

Unlike Tuon, she stayed in Seanchan, where she was murdered by Semirhage along with the rest of the Imperial Court (TGS, Prologue).


"She might well have sent someone to plant rumors should I disappear for a time. It is really quite clever of her. If she is the one." (Tuon about Ravashi when Mat told her there were Seanchan armies out to slit her throat; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 11).