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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Seirin is a young Aiel warrior of the Shorara sept of the Tomanelle. He is about Rand's age.

He brings Rand the message from Han that the four clans to the east are moving together, though Rand does not whether or not they mean to come against him. He sends Seirin off again to tell Han that he should do whatever he must to keep them off his back, although Han would likely not have done different anyway.

(Reference: The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 44)


"He waited only long enough to make certain that Rand had no further message: then he was off and running downhill, just as fast as he had come. No doubt he hoped to get back without missing any more of the fighting than he had to." (Rand about Seirin; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 44)