Silene Dorelmin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Silene Dorelmin is known to be the best seamstress in Chachin, Kandor. She is a slim woman with a haughty appearance and a cool voice.

She was suggested to Moiraine by the innkeeper Ailene Tolvina. Moiraine orders more than three dresses and pays twice as much as normal for having them done in one day. (Reference: New Spring, Chapter 24)


"I want them tomorrow," she said. "Put all of your seamstresses to work."
Silene's eyes did not narrow at that. They widened, flashing with anger. Her voice became icy. "Impossible. At the end of the month, perhaps. Perhaps later. If I can find time at all. A great many ladies have ordered new gowns. The King of Malkier is visiting the Aesdaishar Palace."
"The last King of Malkier died twenty-five years ago, Silene." (Moiraine and Silene; New Spring, Chapter 24)