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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Tabiya is a freckle-faced novice with green eyes. She is about sixteen (TFoH, Ch. 26; LoC, Ch. 8).

It is widely accepted that the novice Tabitha, who appears later in LoC is actually Tabiya, because she looks the same.


  • After Leane, Logain, Min and Siuan arrived at Salidar, Tabiya asks Min if she wants her to serve a meal ((TFoH, Ch. 26).
  • In one of the novice classes Elayne teaches, she and Nicola pass a small, flickering flame back and forth (LoC, Ch. 8).
  • Tabitha/Tabiya comes to fetch Thom and Juilin, who are appointed to meet with the Sitters (LoC, Ch. 29).
  • When Mat meets with Egwene in her tent, Tabitha/Tabiya comes in to ask her if she needs wine or anything else for him. Egwene declines and sends her away to tell Sheriam she is to come to her tent later to advise Egwene (LoC, Ch. 38).
  • She brings tea for Egwene and Sheriam, but fusses over the arrangment of the tableware so much that Sheriam snaps at her to see to her other tasks (LoC, Ch. 39).


"She put so much effort into not looking at Logain that she might as well have stared pop-eyed." (Min about Tabiya; TFoH, Ch. 26)

"Where are we, if it isn't a secret here too? This village is called Salidar?"
"In Altara. The Eldar is about a mile to the west. Amadicia is on the other side." The girl put on a poor imitation of Aes Sedai mystery. "Where better to hide Aes Sedai than where they would never be looked for?"
(Min and Tabiya; TFoH, Ch. 26)