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Author: Toral Delvar


Tammuz was an Illuminator who worked under Aludra at the Cairhienin Chapter House (TGH, Ch. 27). Following the destruction of this, and her exile from the guild, he tracked her to the stable of the Good Queen in Aringill. He intended to kill her for making and selling fireworks, but is prevented from killing her by Mat (TDR, Ch. 40). Both times he is seen, he is wearing baggy breeches and shirt sleeves in yellow with embroidery.


“Do not speak to me Tammuz! A great pig does not deserve to speak like a human” (Aludra; The Great Hunt, Chapter 27)

“Did you believe we would not hear that you try to earn your way making what is the right of the Guild alone to make? It will be a great pleasure to cut your throat Aludra” (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 40)