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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Coline is the cook in The Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn. She is round and wears her hair in a bun at the back of her head (TEotW, Ch. 35).

Everyone calls her "cook" (TDR, Ch. 45).

Basel Gill thinks he might as well be married to her, because she always finds work for him to do and things to fix before he knows there is anything wrong (TEotW, Ch. 36). She acts as if the inn belongs to her and her instructions sound as if they come from a goodwife sending her husband about (TDR, Ch. 45).


  • She is stirring the pots and talking to Master Gill when Rand and Mat enter his inn (TEotW, Ch. 35).
  • She wants Basel Gill to do something about the rats (TEotW, Ch. 36).
  • She and her helpers are already up and about at first light, when Moiraine and her party prepare to set out. Master Gill tries to soothe her, because of the uncommon sight of patrons leaving at that hour, but she just sniffs and continues kneading dough (TEotW, Ch. 44).
  • Basel Gill once told one of his dreams to Coline and later hears the same one repeated by a man from the other end of Caemlyn. Master Gill presumes Gilda eavesdropped on their conversation and gossiped as if the dream were a real story (TDR, Ch. 47).
  • She is in the kitchen when Mat arrives and asks him if Rand has returned. When he negates and asks for Master Gill, she has Mat carry the instruction to clean the drains to him (TDR, Ch. 45).


"I remember you." He began to grin. "You were with that young prince, weren't you?" she went on. "The one who looked so like Tigraine, the Light illumine her memory. You're his serving man, aren't you? Is he coming back, then, the young prince?" (Coline to Mat about Rand; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 45)