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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Gilda is a serving maid in The Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn. She is a gossip (TEotW, Ch. 41; TDR, Ch. 47).

When Master Gill is talking to Rand and Loial in the library, she comes in, announcing the arrival of Whitecloaks. Later, she says a lady (Moiraine) is in the common room, asking for Mat and Rand. Gill suspects she will tell anyone who will listen that Rand is a lord in disguise (TEotW, Ch. 41).

Once, she eavesdrops on Gill telling Coline about a dream of his; Gill is later told his own dream as something a man heard from someone who again had it from someone else, but when he asks around, the rumor cannot be traced back to Gilda anymore (TDR, Ch. 47).

To spread a rumor, Gill intends to tell Coline that he dreamed about Lord Gaebril intending to kill Elayne, because he knows Gilda will gossip about it when she hears, thus spreading the information that Mat has learned while visiting the Royal Palace (TDR, Ch. 47).


"All I need do is mention to Gilda that I dreamed it, and in three days she’ll have told serving girls in half the New City that it is a fact. She is the greatest gossip the Creator ever made." (Basel Gill; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 47)