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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rajar is First Lieutenant of the Younglings. He is a slight Domani with very deep voice (CoT, Prologue). As with many of the Younglings, he is just a youth (TGS, Ch. 4).


  • Rajar is demonstrating advanced swordplay when Gawyn abandons the Younglings. Gawyn tricks him into thinking he is going to check on the men (TGS, Ch. 13).


"The First Lieutenant's rumbling voice was always a surprise, coming from a slight man who stood barely higher than Gawyn's shoulder. Even so, had times been different, Rajar surely would have been a Warder by this time." (Gawyn; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"The White Tower's methods are its own, Lord Gawyn and so are its motives. It isn't for us to question. What good is a Warder who questions the orders of his Aes Sedai? A good way to get you both killed, that is" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 4).

"they'd sooner catch Sleete...but make certain to send a messenger for me when you get back into camp. I'll stay up half the night worrying of you don't return" (To Gawyn, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 13).