The Shadow Rising: Chapter 14

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Author: Inanna Landred

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

Customs of Mayene

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Perrin, Berelain, Faile, Rhuarc


Perrin shakes his head after Mat leaves the room, there is no way Mat would leave Rand to go to the Two Rivers. Perrin himself wishes there was a way to avoid going home, but he knows there isn't and he has to fulfill his duty.

He starts preparing for his trip back to the Two Rivers.

His shoulder is still sore from the attack on the Stone and his run-in with a Trolloc.

While he is packing, Berelain all of a sudden shows up in his room, asking him where he is going and telling him she is leaving herself. When Perrin asks her why she is telling him all this, she tells him she wants him to tell Rand. Perrin refuses telling her he doesn't have time to carry messages for anyone. Berelain is astonished Perrin would refuse her and all of a sudden looks at Perrin in a new light. She starts eyeing him and offers him a job in Mayene as her own personal blacksmith. At this very moment Faile comes into the room. Berelain ignores her and steps close to Perrin touching him possessively.

Berelain leaves and Faile never so much as says a word, even though Berelain makes it obvious she is after Perrin before she leaves. They discuss Perrin's trip to the Two Rivers, Faile argues he can never get there in time and Perrin tells her he means to travel by the Ways. She asks him when "they" are leaving and Perrin tells her he's leaving alone with Loial. Faile explodes and sneers that Berelain will do him no good against the Whitecloaks if he means to take her. Perrin starts to set her straight, then changes his mind and tells her he thinks Berelain wouldn't be such a bad catch.

Obviously hurt, Faile storms out the room. Perrin stays behind wanting nothing more than to follow her but doesn't, hoping she will let him go alone now as he is convinced he will die in the Two Rivers at the hand of the Whitecloaks and doesn't want her to have to witness that.

Faile chases after Berelain in a mad haze challenging her to stay away from Perrin.

She threatens Berelain, but before she knows it Berelain has her on the floor gasping for air. The women get ready to fight in earnest but Rhuarc steps in at this point and not too gently convinces both women to give it up and stay away from each other from then on.

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